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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Historical Sites associated with the Colonial Southeast Series

A Lesser Form Of Patriotism: A Novel of the King's Carolina Rangers and the American Revolution in the South.

1. The mound at Little Chota survives today in the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley just south of Helen, Georgia.
2. The Star Fort can be visited today at Ninety-Six National Historic Site in Ninety-Six, South Carolina.
3. The site of Long Swamp Village is currently under excavation. It is slated to be disturbed by highway construction.
4. You can stand in the redoubt defended by the King's Carolina Rangers today. It is located in Savannah's Battlefield Memorial Park.
5. Visit the website of artist Robert Wilson for prints of many of the people and events portrayed in A Lesser Form of Patriotism.
6. For in-depth information on the siege of Augusta, Georgia, including a depiction of the uniform of the King's Carolina Rangers, click here.
7. According to local lore, the site of the famous Chopped Oak where Cherokee war parties met before and after raids, was located under the asphalt of present-day Chopped Oak Church located on Chopped Oak road in the Midway Community of Habersham County, Georgia.
8. The Battle of Hammond's Store was fought in present-day Laurens County, South Carolina. An eyewitness account of the battle can be found here.
9. Today there is a reenacting group representing the King's Carolina Rangers.

Letters For Catherine: A Novel of Charleston during the American Revolution.

1. The remains of the Town of Dorchester are preserved at Old Dorchester State Park outside of Charleston, South Carolina.
2. The Old Exchange where Col. Isaac Hayne was kept before his execution is preserved and open to the public in Charleston, South Carolina.
3. Although destroyed by fire in 1773, and thus not historically accurate as a home for William Hunter in 1780, Bethesda Orphanage was a real place.
4. Although they did not actually meet until after the Revolution, William Hunter and Catherine DeLoach were actual people. William served with the Patriots and he was imprisoned on one of the Charleston Prison Ships. More information on the real William Hunter is available online.
5. Looking for an ancestor? Check the role of prisoners on the prison ships Torby and Packhorse.
6. The ruins of Biggin Church can still be visited today.
7. The widow of Edward Barnwell mentioned the takeover of the prison ship, Packhorse, in her pension deposition in 1849.
8. Eliza Wilkinson wrote of visiting the prison ships in her letters during the American Revolution.
9. In 1852, The New York Times published an account of the capture of the prison ship Packhorse.
10. There are several maps of Charleston during its 1780 siege.
11. Visit the publisher Norlight Press.
12. Read Hugh Howey's review for Letters For Catherine.

Loving Lynn Celia: A Novel of the French and Indian War in the South.

1. The mound on which the British established their field hospital is still in existence in Franklin, North Carolina.
2. The victory of the Cherokees over Col. Montgomerie is commemorated by a historical marker in Otto, North Carolina. A similar marker is located nearby commemorating the defeat of the Cherokees during the second invasion by the British.
3. The town of Ninety-Six, South Carolina has a long and colorful history, and it is still in existence today.
4. Today, the site of Fort Prince George is under the waters of Lake Keowee, South Carolina. But there were extensive excavations done prior to its inundation.
5. You can still walk the same streets that Lynn Celia and Thomas Simpson walked in Savannah, Georgia's historic center.
6. The killing of the Norris family and the massacre at Long Cane is a historical reality.
7. Two of the battle scenes in Loving Lynn Celia took place on the banks of the Little Tennessee River in present-day Macon County, North Carolina.

The Road to Bloody Marsh: A Novel of King George's War

1. The Castillo de San Marcos, in St. Augustine, Florida, is perhaps the most impressive structure still in existence that is associated with the Colonial Southeast Series.
2. Fort Frederica's remains are protected as Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island, Georgia.
3. The fort at Mount Venture was located in today's Wayne County, Georgia.
4. To get a real feel for this time period, visit Fort King George historic site in Darien, Georgia.
5. For an historical overview of Georgia's Provincial Companies, such as the ones portrayed in The Road to Bloody Marsh, click here.
6. Visit the publisher NorLights Press.


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  2. Hi Gerald,

    Just finished reading Letters for Catherine. I really enjoyed it. Don't know much about the Packhorse but I am going to do some research:)

    Thanks for sharing

    Lee Ann

    1. It's kind of strange that the story of the Packhorse almost slipped away from us. It's a good one.