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I Thought we Won World War II.

I was watching the news lately. Has the country gone off the deep end? It was the story about the GBI’s investigation into the cheating scandal in Atlanta public schools.
The G-B-I? Aren’t these the people who are supposed to be protecting us from violent criminals and terrorism? The G-B-I? Give me a break!
I wonder, did they storm in with weapons drawn, wearing black BDUs, LBEs, and Kevlar helmets? That would have completed the picture of American liberty being ground to dust under the boot heel of a tyrant.
“Up against the wall!”
“Assume the position!”
“Let’s see those wrists, we know you have the answers written under those cuffs!”
Don’t get me wrong, I worked as a Correctional Officer four years while getting my college degree. I am not a detractor of law enforcement and I am not condemning them, just the people who assign them to such ridiculous cases – such as this. These guys are highly trained professionals, let them do their job of protecting us from real criminals - not someone cheating on a test. Isn’t there a Standards Commission, a State School Board, a SACS that checks on these things? What are we paying them for if they can’t even determine whether or not people are cheating on standardized tests and then disciplining them?
All of this begs another question, what happens if law enforcement and the State Attorney General finds these culprits? Do we release violent criminals from our overcrowded prisons to make room for these despicable fellows? Do we simply slap them on the wrist and terminate their jobs? In these times of, dare I say it, economic depression, how much is it costing tax payers for the GBI to do someone else’s job? Could this be a smoke screen to keep them from investigating something more serious? Something political?
What’s next in this picture of a government intruding into every facet of our lives in the most bold and brazen ways? Baseball players being hauled before the national congress to answer questions about…. Oops! That’s already happened. How about people’s private homes being taken away so that a building supply company can… Oops! That already happened too. Hey, what’s going on here? I though we won World War II.

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